Executive Monitor 2.0

walkingman - CopyEarly this year Destination Talent & SixFigures collaborated to produce the first Executive Monitor, a study conducted in 2009 to understand the perception, behaviour and expectation of executives in Australia.

A year on we are on the verge of embarking on the second round of study.  Last year’s survey was conducted right after the GFC, so it will be interesting to see how behaviour and attitudes have changed since.

Broadly the study is divided into five main areas:

  1. Education & Training (levels and status of education & training)
  2. Remuneration & Rewards (current status and expectation)
  3. Job Search Behaviour (views on recruitment firms, social media & job boards)
  4. View on Employers (perception on workplace and employment)
  5. Expectations

We are confident that our study is a comprehensive analysis of an executive’s work life. Of course there is room to improve and expand the study. There has been requests to accommodate the viewpoint of  unemployed executives. Also, we hope to address issues specific to women this year. Let us know if there is an area/issue that you wanted to know more of and we can incorporate it in the study.

It maybe recalled that the survey was sent to 25,000 executives, with 1,500 participating in the study and 1,333 completing the survey in its entirety. So far, the report has been downloaded 5,659 times.

You can view the highlights of the 2010 report here. You can download the full report here – http://bit.ly/du0ExA

(note: We are looking for new sponsors who wish to promote their brand to executives and employers. Download the 2011 brochure here)

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