Kasia Borowicz

Head of Talent, The Sandpit

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Kasia Borowicz is a passionate sourcing professional, currently Head of Talent @ The Sandpit  in London.

The Sandpit is a business builder providing hands-on sales and marketing resource, strategic direction and leadership to startups focused on B2B digital marketing and to their tech driven founders. In addition, they offer support in the areas of legal, HR, accounting and general admin

She discovered her professional calling when she joined a Krakow based recruitment business for a 2-month project and, even though at the time she planned to become a professional poetry translator, here she is 5 years later still loving sourcing. Naturally curious, you’ll likely find her looking for her new recruits in unexpected ways.

When not recruiting, you’ll find her studying Employer Branding at AGH University of Science and Technology and occasionally blogging aboutsourcing, social media and all things related.