Much like consumers top talent has choice, so how do you ensure your brand is the one they build a relationship with, the one they engage with first. Hamish has spent over a decade in communication agencies working on both consumer and candidate marketing assignments, here in New Zealand, Australia, and with some of the UKs leading employer branding and marketing specialists.

Hamish knows the effort that goes into creating content to build awareness to connect with consumers, and he’s a firm believer that when the same consideration and effort goes into asking candidates to change companies, careers, and even countries, you get greater results. Hamish is passionate about brand led sourcing and helping in-house teams tell their organisations story, the story telling bit comes in handy as outside of work that’s often what he spends his time doing with his two daughters.

Hamish leads the creative practice at HainesAttract, and has a dual degree in media and communications, however in his view they’re a couple of subjects that you need to study up on every day right now.