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Hassanah Rudd – #OZREC Moderator

Originally from the UK (which means the munted northern accent is still in force) Hassanah spent 18yrs in NZ and recently moved to Sydney. A background in the Recruitment field from Multi Nationals to boutique specialists, in a variety of roles, Hassanah is an experienced Talent Sourcing Mgr and very much a #recruitertragic Hassanah recently joined the Clarius Group in […]

Introducing #ozrec

#OZREC, short for OZ RECRUITMENT, is currently two things: 1) Grouping recruitment related information #OZREC is an attempt to group together all things recruitment within Australia under one easy to recognise hashtag. Hashtags, of course, are an easy way to sort and find information across various social channels. Now that all the major social players […]

Who is Will Staney?

We are delighted to announce that Will Staney, Recruitment Director SAP USA will  be in Auckland for the #IT18NZ conference. More about Will here [youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6_gQPhxKmc” width=”560″ height=”315″ full=”no” ]      

Recruitment companies delivering solid performers: Microsoft Services

Source: Shortlist Microsoft’s local professional services and consulting arm has been drilling into its recruitment data, and the results show that agency recruiters are sourcing some of its best candidates, says Asia-Pacific staffing director Fiona Hathaway. Speaking at the IT18 Conference in Sydney today, Hathaway said Microsoft Services was starting to use big data analysis […]

Five sure-fire ways to break the deal with candidates

Karalyn Brown, Founder of InterviewIQ, Co-Developer of myPitch app I was very interested to read Dan Nuroo’s post next door on the importance of candidate conversations. It’s a topic close to my heart, and to the many people I have worked with through my blog, InterviewIQ – and through the work I have done coaching […]

Agency recruiters should be more technologically savvy than clients: Expert

Source: Shortlist Smart in-house and agency recruiters are using cutting-edge platforms and techniques to keep up with the rapid pace of a changing industry, says UK management consultant and recruitment specialist Andy Headworth. At the RHUB New Zealand conference in Auckland today, Headworth said the French postal service dramatically improved its attrition rate and the […]