Contractor Management

We tackled the issue of candidate care in the past. This week we will turn our gaze on a specific subgroup of the labour force – independent contractors.

It is estimated that close to 1.9 million independent contractors exist in Australia, accounting for a large 28 per cent of the private-sector workforce. Clearly, as a demographic group, contractors are an important part of the labour market and workplaces across Australia and NZ.  This week we will tackle the effects contractors and contracting have on workplaces and the triangular nexus between contractors, employers and agencies.

Q1. How does contractors/contracting affect corporate culture? What are the pros and cons of engaging contractors?
Q2. For agencies what is the ongoing relationship/responsibility with placed contractors?
Q3. Are contractors underpaid or overpaid? What is a realistic % mark-up on contractors in today’s market?
Q4. Should contractors be treated differently in the workplace– i.e. separate area for them?

Discussions will be led by Troy Hammond, Country manager, Candle NZ.


troyx307x155Troy is a seasoned ICT Consultant with ten years experience internationally including Australia, United Kingdom and now six years in the New Zealand market.

He has recruited for a range of IT positions from low level support to specialised senior IT roles and has an extensive network within the IT candidate domain throughout Wellington and Auckland.  He has worked with many public and private organisations and assisted them acquire talent across the IT spectrum through to CIO.

Over the last 6 years, Troy has been looked to as a thought leader for IT recruitment in Wellington and has assisted many organisations to grow and replace their Talent. Troy has also been highly successful in New Zealand bidding and winning on over 15 retained and exclusive recruitment projects that have all been successfully delivered.

This includes Troy personally handling the IT restructure recruitment for many of these projects.  These days Troy focuses on achieving success through leading great teams and attributes his teams success to building a culture that staff, candidates and clients want to be part of.  Troy is the Country Manager for the New Zealand.

Troy will speak about contractor management at the

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