What HR want from Recruiters

Last week we tackled the issue of how HR and Recruiters can work better from the perspective of a recruiter. This week we will again discuss the nexus between HR and recruitment from the perspective of an HR professional.

What’s HR view on recruiters? Is the HR department misunderstood by recruiters? What can recruiters do better? Join us to discuss on #ozrec. Friday 10:30 AM Sydney.

This week our host is Julie Walker, HR Advisor at Mitsui and Co

Q. Is HR misunderstood by Recruiters? What does HR think of recruiters?
Q. Is the culture of KPIs driving unethical and aggressive practices by agencies and driving HR nuts?
Q. How can agency recruiters conduct business professionally and successfully without annoying HR?
Q. What and how can HR do to make recruiters’ life easier?

Our host is Julie Walker

http___pbs_twimg_com_profile_images_1819040619_004Julie Walker have 15+ years experience in HR, and Recruitment both internal and external.  She is passionate about Recruitment and believes that if you hire well that is the most positive impact you can have on an organisation.  Hiring the right person makes all the other functions of HR easier and more successful.  Her background of work history covers a wide range of industries from Accounting to Oil and Gas.  Outside of work she is a wife and mother to twin girls.

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