Introducing RECTEC


Does the HR/Recruitment industry need another event? I think so. RECTEC, scheduled for 22 Nov, brings a very different flavour. Here’s why:

RECTEC stands for Recruitment Technology Evaluation Convention and as the name implies the event will focus exclusively on technology and its application to recruitment.

Learning from innovators
We’ve assembled an impressive line-up of speakers – technology path-breakers, HRIS consultants, vendors, innovation experts, software entrepreneurs, RPO innovators, IT industry analysts, change agents and staffing professionals who have had a hand in embracing and using technology smartly.  Learn from early adopters.

Making sense of emerging technology & tools
A significant chunk of the event will focus on making sense of a rapidly changing technology landscape. Discussions will revolve around social tools, apps, mobile technology, video, sourcing tools, databases, cloud computing and their relevance and application to recruitment.

Technology is cool, but it’s about people
Technology by itself is not a panacea for all recruitment problems. How people adopt, learn and apply new technology is just as important, if not more. The ‘people aspect’ of technology adoption and the need for a corporate culture of innovation and change will get significant airing.

Vendors focused
Often, vendors who provide the technology backbone/infrastructure for recruitment don’t get enough voice. We want to set that straight. Some vendors will present their new tools and some will be available to connect and meet with one-on-one. Delegates can request to meet a vendor of their choice prior to the start of the event. Also, the event will also offer a window for new technology start-ups to show how they are solving recruitment problems.

Last, but certainly not least, we are able to make the event one of the most affordable HR/Recruitment events in Australia. Thanks to our supporters you can attend the event for as little as $75 (covers catering for the day).

The event will challenge and invigorate your thinking, and how you view technology. One day. One agenda. One opportunity. Save 22 Nov on your calendar. Hope to see you there.

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