RecruitTech Conference in Canberra

imageThe second edition of RecruitTech is taking place in Canberra next week (Thursday, 8 SEP). Credit must go to Clayton Wehner and Rick Bushell from CapitalJobs for making sure that the event continues after a great start in 2009.

I was fortunate to experience the first edition (and actually spoke at the event). It was a great experience and a good place to network and meet peers working in the local HR & recruitment industry. It’s the only event of its kind in Canberra.

The line-up of speakers this year is even more impressive than the first edition. It’s a unique event, and if you are in Canberra there is really no excuse to miss it.

(p.s: Mention Destination Talent and you will get a ticket for $529  $380)

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  1. Rick Bushell
    Rick Bushell says:

    Hi Phillip, thanks for the plug for RecruitTECH. At we think the line-up of speakers bodes for an entertaining and informative day (all the speakers are trying to give us something a little bit different to challenge our thinking – such as Matt Sigelman’s topic ““Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”” or Elizabeth Gaunt’s topic “”Digital Natives and The New Phase of Social Recruiting””.
    Just one thing to note from your post – it’s on Thursday 8 September – not the 9th!


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