Introducing the Job Board Awards

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We are introducing the first Job Board Awards to recognise the contribution of job boards in sourcing talent. In particular, we wanted to recognise companies who excelled in the area of online recruitment. 

We will honour the best in the following categories: 
– Best Job Board (Generalist)
– Best Job Board (Niche, Profession) 
– Best Job Board (Niche, Demographic)
– Newcomer of the Year
– Best Talent Database

Employers and recruitment firms will also be recognised in the following categories:
– Best Innovation of the Year (Open to all)
– Best Recruitment Website (Recruiters)
– Best Career Site (Employers)

Our award process is different. It involves a comprehensive review process combining feedback from clients (public) and an objective assessment by a panel of independent experts.

There are three main stages – 1) Nominations 2) Voting by the public 3) Judging by a panel of experts. Nominations are currently open.  Any current or former client can nominate a job board. Job board owners can also self-nominate.

Have a look at the dedicated awards site and nominate a company  or job board you think deserves credit.

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  1. TheRiddick
    TheRiddick says:

    “Job Board Awards” – Why??
    This will just give Seek, MyCareer and CareerOne reasons to increase prices yet again.

    There is no decent job board – they are simply online classifieds and some saturate the market with advertising and others missed the boat on capitalising on their hard-copy ownership.

    Please don’t give these cretens yet another reason to run around beating their chests and telling us all how good they are and how great the recruitment industry has had it since the birth of Seek in 1997 and how we should be paying double for the privilige.


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