Are Graduates Using Social Media to Find Employment?

The use of social media to find employment is not widespread amongst graduates, according to the latest OneTest report.

Popular social networking sites like Linkedin is primarily a playground for more accomplished professionals to find new opportunities; it’s less useful for a new graduate who’s looking for her first job. So, it’s understandable that a large percentage (40%) do not find social media useful in their job search.

More significantly, it appears graduates do not trust social media. A large majority (69%) are vigilant about their social media footprint and taking steps to promote a positive image. No wonder, a majority (41%) do not believe employers should use social media tools in the recruitment process. 

Graduates are treading social media with caution and seems to prefer more traditional methods to find a job.

Figure: Do you think it’s appropriate for employers to use social media tools in the recruitment process?image

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