Listed Recruitment Companies on the ASX

I am dabbling with a set of tools to monitor the collective health of the Australian recruitment sector. One of the tools is a time series index to track the progress of recruitment firms listed on the ASX.

To my knowledge, there are about 18 companies listed on the ASX who are either directly or indirectly involved in the business of recruitment. Below is a list of companies whose main business is providing recruitment or related services:  

  1. Ambition Group
  2. Clarius Group
  3. Chandler Macleod
  4. CareerMultilist
  5. Humanis Group
  6. Hamilton James & Bruce
  7. Hitech Group
  8. Interstaff
  9. Programmed Maintenance Services
  10. Ross Human Directions
  11. Rubicor Group
  12. Talent2
  13. Skilled Group
  14. SEEK

The following have other business interests besides recruitment.

  1. Konnect
  2. Adcorp
  3. SMS
  4. Data3

Did I miss anyone? Are there anymore recruitment companies to add to the list above? Which recruitment company is the first to be listed on the ASX? How many overseas listed firms operate in Australia?

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