Talent Tidbits

  • Friendship at work: A fascinating look at Zappos’ work culture. Here’s an excerpt:

“ we’ve begun tracking employee relationships. When employees log in to their computers, we ask them to look at a picture of a random employee and then ask them how well they know that person — the options include “say hi in the halls,” “hang out outside of work,” and “we’re going to be long time friends.” We’re starting to keep track of the number and strength of cross-departmental relationships — and we’re planning a class on the topic. My hope is that we can have more employees who plan to be close friends”.

  • Hiring to alleviate pain: Jason Fried’s views on talent management are often refreshing. Here’s a few more:

“ we hire late. We hire after it hurts. We hire to alleviate pain, not for pleasure. Who hires for pleasure? Any company that hires people before it needs them is hiring for pleasure. It’s an indulgence we’ve never allowed ourselves.”

Cover letters say it all. They immediately tell you if someone wants this job or just any job. And cover letters make something else very clear: They tell you who can and who can’t write. …… Another rule of thumb: When in doubt, always hire the better writer.

  • Social Media Siesta: John Sumer is experimenting – he’s cutting his social media activities; here’s his adventure so far.
  • World Cup Flexibility: Every time a major sporting event comes around, talks/advice on the importance of having flexible workplaces comes up. Good, but why only every four years, why not more frequently? Anyway, good luck to the Socceroos!
  • VIDEO: A delightful visual rehash of Dan Pink’s excellent talk on motivation.
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