The Future of HR in Australia

AHRI’s latest white paper takes a comprehensive look at how the HR profession might look a decade from now.  The paper predicts that the role of HR professionals will change significantly by 2020 (when Gen X and Y will take over the board rooms of Australian organisations). The paper highlighted nine new likely roles for HR practitioners:

      • Workplace transformers: transformers of the structure and conduct of work within a widely distributed set of locations
      • Work-life integrators: role models for integration and work-life balance
      • Next generation talent managers: a role that requires working through new value sets
      • Performance rewarders: rewarders of performance aligned to widely distributed work spaces
      • Learning architects & builders : architects, custodians and builders of new capabilities for the new learning places of work
      • CSR stakeholder marshalls: the friendly cop for tomorrow’s core stakeholder relationships
      • Engaging communicators: multi point communication facilitators across the new nine space stations of work, with a priority to maximise engagement of your people
      • Diversity champions: cross-cultural integrators and chief inequity busters
      • Regulatory wizards: compliance monitors and also advocates for better business outcomes from the regulatory environment

    No doubt the HR profession is evolving; many of what currently passes as the responsibility of HR will vanish. While purely transactional activities are likely to disappear there is also tremendous opportunities for HR professionals equipped with a strategic bent, to play a key role in the organisations of the future.

    Penned by Peter Wilson, national president of AHRI (who also contributed to our recent Job Board Report), this is one of the most comprehensive mapping of the future scenarios for Australian workplaces and HR practitioners. It’s essential reading for everyone in our industry. Download the paper here.

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