[Guest Post] Ross Clennett – The 10 biggest mistakes recruiters make with social media

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Starting in 1989, Ross Clennett, APRCSA, worked for 15 years as a recruiter in London, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. He has been a regular writer about recruitment and the Australian recruitment scene since 2001. He runs Australia’s only online training and professional development membership site for recruitment company owners and managers.

1) Believing the claims that technology vendors make and undertaking few, if any, background checks of these claims with other recruiters who are actively using the vendor’s product

2) Charging into an online community and participating without first observing the community etiquette

3) Using social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook without a strategy and then stopping after 2 weeks declaring ‘it doesn’t work’

4) Thinking that technology that enables them to ‘find more candidates’ is automatically going to solve their ‘candidate shortage’ problems

5) Using a social media network or technology product and only learning 10%-15% of what there is to know about using that network or product

6) Not being aware of what information is listed under their own name when a simple Google search is conducted using that name

7) That all candidates and clients use technology and the Internet the way they do

8 ) If it’s free it must be crap

9) If it’s expensive it must be good

10) Thinking that it’s all a fad and nothing’s really changed from the way recruitment was in 1993

Smart recruiters understand that using social media networks and technology effectively enhances their overall productivity, enabling them to accomplish more each day, leading to more jobs generated, more placements made, more invoices sent and more income earned.

Successfully assisting more clients find better employees and more candidates find better jobs and in the process, enjoying your work more and making more money – what could be better?

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