Event: Executive Monitor release date announced

If you haven’t heard yet, unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%. The economy added 35,200 new jobs and the future looks a lot more positive than a year ago. So, how are senior executives going to behave this year? Will they seek new jobs?  How will a stronger economy affect their behaviour?

A recent global poll conducted by Bluesteps found 70% of executives are willing to relocate overseas to pursue new career opportunities. With that many willing to move, it is unlikely the health of the economy is the main factor that triggers a job search. What other factors drive a senior executive to jump ship?

In Nov-Dec we conducted the Executive Monitor survey to understand more about the job searching behaviour of executives in Australia. 1500 participated in the survey, offering us interesting clues and insights into their behaviour and expectations.

Sixfigures is organising a breakfast event (on 23 Feb) to launch the report, where I will be presenting the findings of the survey. Do join us.


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