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“ Social networks will spread further in the workplace, taking collaboration to a new level. As the lines between professional and personal communications become increasingly blurred, IT leaders will need to incorporate enterprise social networking into their overall unified communications and collaboration strategy. Enterprise-grade versions of Facebook, Twitter and Wikis in the workplace will begin to be as common as e-mail and will change the way business is conducted. As a result, the decision-making process will be accelerated, customers will receive immediate answers and workers will be more empowered” – Verizon, Top 10 Technology Trend for 2010

The power of failure
“The lesson is that business operates by exactly the same evolutionary principles as sports or art or math or music: we have to take risks, make mistakes, screw up in order to build better brains.” A refreshing look at why mistakes plays an important role in success. Innovative companies encourage risk taking. 

Best method to select talent
85 years worth of research identifies the most successful methods to select talent.  #1 on the list – Work Sample Test.

The war for talent is back 
Australian economy is unwilling to behave according to predictions.

Navigating Office Gossips
”Don’t we have some work to do here?” escape line and other tactics. 

Collaboration workers
McKInsey identified 12 types of collaboration workers and plots future trajectories.

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