Always connected work lifestyle not a problem?

Australians are a busy lot.

Majority (69%) admit to leading busy professional lives (second only to Americans).

As advances in technology continues unabated, the ‘always on’ lifestyle becomes more and more entrenched in our every day lives. Which, one would thought, would be viewed as a negative development. Surprisingly, a study by Frost & Sullivan found Australians professionals do not mind the 24/7 lifestyle. In fact, tools which rendered them to be always connected are credited for enhancing work-life balance, freedom, time-management and getting things done.


Titled ‘Meetings Around the World II”, the Frost & Sullivan study also found that Australian organisations adopt technology quickly in work environments. In fact, 59% indicated they are open to trying new ways to communicate. If you can read beyond the fact that the study is sponsored by CISCO and Verizon , two organisations who stands to benefit from increasing adoption of new collaboration tools, the study is actually a very insightful look at rapidly changing workplaces and individual work styles.

How has technology changed your work lifestyle?

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