The value of time off

Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio every seven years to take a year long sabbatical.

For a whole year, he pursued other interests that were not possible in a normal working environment. Refreshed and rejuvenated, on his return, Sagmeister found that his job became a calling again, is more enjoyable and financially more rewarding.

Sagmeister explains the value of taking time off by demonstrating how a year spent in Bali inspired him to take up innovative projects. Interestingly, Sagmeister suggested we cut five retirement years and spread it across our working years for periodic sabbaticals. He explains how innovative organisations are already embracing this culture. 

Forget sabbaticals, Australians don’t even take leave. It is estimated 121 million days of accrued leave valued at around $31 billion in wages remained unclaimed.  Surely, there is value for both employers and employees when time is allotted for rest and rejuvenation. In an increasing 24/7 business environment, the issue of time off will  become more important. 

Listen to Sagmeister, you might just be tempted to pack your bags. And, don’t forget to forward it to your boss.

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