Blogging in the HR/Recruitment Space in Australia

When I started blogging a year or so ago I was aware of only a handful of blogs in the HR/Recruitment space. Today, there are a lot more blogs around. Thomas Shaw alone maintains 27 different feeds. I’ve also come across several recruitment firms who are dabbling with blogging. Without doubt more companies and individuals are blogging.

Forrester recently released their 2009 Social Technographics Profile, which categorised Internet users into different groups based on their behaviour and usage of social media. Forrester doesn’t provide a year-to-year comparison for Australia. But from 2009’s data alone, it is clear that the vast majority of Internet users are ‘joiners’ or just ‘spectators’(refer graph).  I believe the scenario is the same in the HR/recruitment industry.


So, here is the big opportunity : ‘Creators’ are still a minority. And as far as reaching out to job seekers or employers is concerned, it is a good minority to belong to.

Blogging is a good way to reach out. It is authentic and encourage transparency. It forces you to give before asking anything in return. And that is what your future employees or clients are increasingly expecting (Why? Amongst other things, your competitors may already be doing that).

While I talked exclusively about blogging, I think it is the same for other forms of social media. First mover advantage applies. It’s much better to be a leader than be a follower. What do you think?

P.S: Interesting that most of the presenters at Recruittech are avid bloggers 🙂

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