Capitalising on the popularity of online VIDEO

Lava Communications alerted me to a recruitment Video they produced for Optiver Trading.

Lava claimed they registered 60,000 views in three weeks. By any standard, it’s an impressive result.

Watching VIDEO online is popular. Twenty hours of VIDEO gets uploaded on YouTube every minute, equivalent to 86,00 full-length movies per week. A new research shows that watching VIDEO online is more popular than Facebook or Twitter.

Whatever the goal – marketing, recruiting or employment branding – VIDEO makes a strong case to be taken seriously. At some point, someone is going to search your brand name on YouTube. You wanted to be ready, when that happens.

But, why is uptake of VIDEO so poor in our industry?  One reason could be producing a quality VIDEO is not easy. But, that is no excuse to ignore a medium that is growing exponentially, has a wide reach and goes viral easily.

Do you have a VIDEO strategy? If not, why not?

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  1. Justin Hillier
    Justin Hillier says:

    Video is actually growing at a faster rate then social media. Many companies are missing the opportunity to really “show” their target audience what it is they are all about. Video has proven to create more intent to purchase then any other form of online advertising.

    Video is the future of online advertising, I don’t think anyone can really deny that. It is taking over as the best method across many industry segments, except for recruitment. There is a massive gain for those who take it up now, rather then later when all are doing so.


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