Will Google spruce up its offerings in the employment space?

Google is making interesting moves into the Australian real-estate classifieds market. Google Maps is an useful tool, and it’s not difficult to imagine its application in a job search capacity. Already, job boards are incorporating Google Maps in their search engines.

In light of this move, it makes sense to wonder if Google will rejuvenate its neglected job classifieds product – Google Base (Currently there seems to be only around 1300 Australian jobs listed)? It doesn’t look like an immediate priority, but given its domination with anything to do with ‘search’, it would be foolish to write Google off.

Large amount of employment related activity continues to be a hallmark of Google. Its domination of the search space means that it will continue to be the preferred platform to start a job or an employer search. Also, Google profile, if it catches on, is likely to drive more job seeker and employer traffic to the site. By the day, Google makes it easier for job seekers and employers to find one another.

Similar to its out of the blue Chrome announcement, it will not be out of place if Google makes a fresh move into the employment space.

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