Using social media to tell your story – 1

It’s one thing to have a good story to tell. It is another to tell the story effectively.

Atlassian have a good story to tell. They also tell it rather honestly and convincingly.

Dig deeper and you will see Atlassian work really hard to spread their story – they blog incessantly (it looks like half their workforce have personal blogs), they tweet, they network on Facebook and upload their videos on YouTube. Isn’t it interesting, organisations that can afford to rest on their laurels are the ones that continue to work the hardest. Attracting talent is a never ending exercise.

My point is, the media landscape is fragmented like never before; the audience even more. Attention cannot be bought, it needs to be earned. You really have no choice, but to work hard at telling your story.

So, what is your story? How are you telling your story? Is your story heard?

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  1. Sarah Nguyen
    Sarah Nguyen says:

    Thanks for the mention Phillip. You will definitely have to come and check out our office sometime! I think the 2 main reasons we’re all so active is largely due to our company values (i.e, ‘open company, no bullshit’) and the type of staff we have – people who aren’t afraid to throw their thoughts out there and try different ways of communicating. It also helps that we’re strong bloggers internally and that one of our CEOs, Mike blogs and tweets.

    I don’t think any company can afford to ‘rest on their laurels’ especially with so many different ways of communicating. There’s so much information out there and so many ways to tell your story.


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