Talent Tidbits – Minimum Wage, Mobile recruitment, Source of talent & Social media policy

Minimum Wage
Employers are happy, unions are not. The Pay Commission has decided to leave Australia’s minimum wage unchanged at $543.78 per week. A minimum wage of $14.31 per hour sounds harsh, but compared to other countries we are not doing too bad. In fact Australia is doing much better than its counterparts in other developed countries. The minimum wage in the US is $6.5 (AU$8.15), in the UK the rate hold firm at £5.73 (AU$11.62) and in Canada it varies from C$8.00 to C$10.00 across different regions. Here’s a comparison of minimum wages across the world.  What do you think? Is Australia’s minimum wage too low, or just enough? Tell us

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Mobile recruitment
Technology is advancing faster than we can keep track.  Michael Marlatt, alerted us to Location Based Service (LBS) as the future for job search. Meanwhile the number of job searching apps on iPhone increases.

Social media policy
Sooner or later every organisation will have to deal with social media. Progressive organisations are developing guidelines around the appropriate use of social media. It’s a smart move, given that  Laurel Papworth put together a comprehensive list of resources around setting social media guidelines for staff.

Source of Talent Survey
The Source of Talent survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The final report will be made public very soon. If you have taken the survey, watch this space (or follow me on Twitter) for the announcement of the winner of our prize draw (A Nintendo Wii and six $50 vouchers). If you have not taken the survey but wanted to receive a complimentary copy of the report please register your email (This is my newsletter mailing list, members receive content not available on the blog).

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