SMS continues to be a preferred communication tool


Forget Twitter, Facebook and other new communication tools, it’s an old communication tool Australians are in love with – SMS. A new research by Pure Profile (Sponsored by Telstra) found Australians prefer using SMS to communicate. One in three Australians choose SMS to announce major live events like a job promotion or the birth of a child.  An average Australian SMS 1-5 times a day.

Mobile communication as a promising recruitment tool to reach candidates had been discussed here and here. Perhaps it is a good time to re-investigate how you can use mobile technology as part of your recruitment strategy.

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  1. Jennifer Nini
    Jennifer Nini says:

    Our recruitment agency relies heavily on SMS communication as we are able to reach a large number of our temp staff in the minimum amount of time – we always follow up with emails and using our distribution lists, but SMS just works so much faster!


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