Survey : Sources of talent in Australia

Source of talent

What are the most effective sources of talent in Australia?

As important as this question is, there is a real paucity of data in Australia. Michael Specht from Inspecht and I are conducting a national survey to investigate and study the tools and channels used for hiring talent. Our aim is to understand how various organisations in different industries and regions approach the sourcing of talent (Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler conducts a similar study in the US).  

Our findings will be published and made available in July. I believe the results of the study will be invaluable for employers, HR practitioners and recruiters alike.

I’d appreciate your assistance in our endeavour. As an incentive you will receive a complimentary report once the study is completed. You will also be immediately eligible to win a Nintendo WII and five book vouchers worth $50 each. The survey takes approximately eight minutes to complete. Please participate here

The study is made possible by the support of our sponsors: Job Adder, JobGenie, PeoplePulse and PageUp People. More details about the study and our sponsors is available here

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