Using attractive remuneration as a recruitment tool

“At the end of my salary I always have a lot of month left” –

The economy is shuttering, salaries are doomed! Wrong, it’s never completely black or white. In fact, very few things in an organisation are more critical, contentious and complex, than the salaries of staff. Varying widely across industries, regions and companies, how salaries behave is hard to understand and unpredictable.

Yet, remuneration is deeply intertwined with recruitment; it is a subject which will continue to define our industry.

In the coming days, I’ll explore more about the subject in various contexts. Meanwhile, here’s a presentation from a year ago where I discussed about remuneration trends in the technology sector. Some of the data (e.g. unemployment rate) needs updating, but the main themes (e.g. the importance of intrinsic benefits) around the drivers of remuneration trends remain valid.  What is your experience of using remuneration as a recruitment tool?


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