Talent Tidbits

Recruitment in good and bad times
Harvard warns against complacency and advise companies to focus on their talent acquisition strategies, believing that most companies don’t do recruitment well – “Despite a universal acknowledgment that hiring good people is a key source of competitive advantage, we could find only a few companies that excel at one or more aspects of the hiring process and just a handful that come anywhere close to a hiring “gold standard.”

Trends in recruitment advertising
A new research by AIM group found social networks and niche boards are gaining grounds as sourcing tools. 

HR metrics is important
A new study by i4CP found that high performing companies are more likely to use HR metrics than those who didn’t. The contrast according to i4CP is because it "reflects the attitude that low-performing organizations see their employees a mere expense and not a source of competitive advantage."

Tall claims?
Size matters. A new Australian research found taller people earn more than their shorter counterparts.  Here’s the report.

Women & leadership
Lessons from CEO of Acumen Fund

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