Recruitment Video – The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: engaging story, visually appealing, good quality and no hard sell by Facebook


The bad: Good intentions but doesn’t really say anything, except ‘we dance badly’.

The Ugly : So bad it became a Youtube hit. Here’s the link


Do you have examples of good, bad or outright ugly recruitment videos? Post the links in the comments section.

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  1. Justin Hillier
    Justin Hillier says:

    Good work Phil, there are certainly a wide range of results that a recruiter could receive with a video resume. Here at Talent on View we have designed our product to be tutorial so that the candidate is aware of what they should be including in their video resume.

    This is obviously of great benefit to the candidate as it ensures their video resume is not like some of these above, and maintains relevancy for the market place. The benefit to the recruiter is that they receive less randomly and poorly designed video resumes from candidates. Our video application method allows recruiters to ask the candidate up to 5 questions to answer similar to a phone interview, the benefit though is that the recruiter gets to “see and feel” the candidate and decide further how they would best fit their client.

    At the end of the day you will not stop poor and just plain embarrassing video resumes, just as we see today with text based resumes. TOV though assist both candidates and recruiters in the education of what makes a good video resume or application so that this booming tool is of even greater benefit.


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