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How Harvard university recruits talent
One would have thought that the best and brightest will flock to Ivy league universities like Harvard. What emerged is a lot of hard work and planning goes into recruiting the best students. BusinessWeek had a fascinating look at how Harvard, in spite of its brand reputation as the best educational institution in the world, works hard to win the hearts and minds of future students. Perhaps, the reason Harvard remains the best is because they do not rest on their laurels or rely on their brand name.

Employee engagement
Perhaps Internet access at work is one way of solving employee disengagement. A new study by Melbourne university found that people who surf the Internet  at work, are more productive by 9%.

Recruitment 2.0
A presentation by Amitai Givertz (transcript).  Amitai is one of the sharpest brain in the industry, his blog is a must read. Many more excellent presentations available here

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