Innovations in the Australian recruitment industry

Regardless of the less than stellar economy, the talent acquisition industry is witnessing a lot of positive activity. I have been engaging in discussions with a few industry peers and had the opportunity to see/test a few exciting products. Below are three, I encountered this week:

imageIn a nutshell, DigitalReach aims to distribute jobs to an audience not easily reached by job boards. Essentially an attempt to find ‘passive job seekers’, the DigitalReach product will place jobs where candidates congregate. Using widgets, the service harness the power of independent publishers, bloggers, associations and online communities. While job widgets are not new, DigitalReach’s potential lies in making the targeting of small audiences easier. A  ‘nothing to lose’ revenue sharing model (50% of revenue goes to partner sites) and a deliberate strategy to partner with quality publishers adds to its allure. Currently on trial with a few selected partners, DigitalReach is the brainchild of Jorge Albinagorta, who can be reached at

TalentReach (SixFigures)
image A new product to be launched by Sixfigures, TalentReach is a fresh approach to find executive talent by combining search technology and human review. Part-search technology, part-human shortlisting service, TalentReach hopes to bring the best of both world in sourcing executive talent. For a set fee, TalentReach offer a helping hand to what has been until now a largely do-it-yourself database search; employers are offered two suitable candidates within a month of the search starting. Its main appeal lies in customers being charged only on the delivery of suitable candidates.  For more information contact Kelly at

JobGenie (Employer Referral platform)
imageCurrently in beta, JobGenie is introducing a new software (pay per use model) to effectively harness the power of referrals within organisations.  In essence, the system will allow employers and recruiters to deploy, manage and measure their internal referral programmes. A simple tool, yet with far reaching potential, given the proven effectiveness of referrals in acquiring talent, JobGenie is a product worth having a look. Riges Younan is no stranger to this blog (see here and here). As founder of 2Vouch, Riges has been single-handedly  paying an ‘education tax’ to bring ‘referral recruitment’  to the masses. Watching the JobGenie product, one sense that the effort will finally pay off. Riges can be reached at

In the coming days, I’ll write more about the three products in detail. For now, we ought to rejoice that innovation and entrepreneurial spirit remains intact  in the midst of so much turmoil in our industry.

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