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“Workforce planning and development is non-existent, our sector does not have the necessary employment data to analyse and forecast trends. Had this information been available, we may have been in a better position to identify our emerging skills requirements.” – Ray Pincombe, President,  Local Government Managers Australia

Skills shortage
Spare a thought for people who have to talk about skills shortages in the current economic environment. It is never easy to swim against the tide. The reality is when the current economic blip is over,  many sectors in Australia’s will have to deal with an ageing population and shortage issues. ABC reported that 10,000 new bus drivers will be required over the next five years. Meanwhile, a new report claims demand for IT professionals continue to be steady, even in recessionary times. Skills shortage level is rated ‘High’ by the latest Clarius/KPMG report.

Social media
In an ideal world social media can be a good source of talent.  What works and doesn’t work is still unclear. One cannot blame employers for being sceptical. McKinsey offers six tips on how to make web 2.0 work.

Manufacturing woes
Pacific brand grabs all the headlines, but production bases migrating where goods can be produced at the lowest costs is the new reality of global business. PWC’s Manufacturing Index has been down for eight consecutive months. It’s unlikely Australia can be a manufacturing powerhouse in the future. Perhaps, investing on our strengths, mainly in the services industry, will bear more fruits for the country.

Company reputation Index
Do you want to know what people think of your company? A new entrant measure the reputation of companies. A fair amount of Australians companies are represented. Westpac ranks 135 globally. Check out your company http://vanno.com/

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