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Not all doom and gloom
It’s misleading to talk in national terms, or blindly generalise the state of the job market (the media loves bad stories). Some states are still dealing with 3% and below unemployment rates. Some companies are struggling to find staff. Demand and supply of talent is a local issue, and in most cases national data does not always accurately represent the reality at the local level. By the way, national unemployment rate currently stands at 4.5%, hardly the nightmarish picture often painted by mainstream media.

Online classifieds grows
Online ads continues to grow. The market grew by 22% in Q4 2008 compared to last year, and is tipped to reach $2 Billion in 2009. PWC/IAB Online Advertising Report available here (pdf). These are dark days for print media, everywhere.

Social networking tactic
The fine art of navigating Facebook becomes an essential skill in the bold new world of social networking. Here’s tips on how to friend mom, dad and the boss safely on Facebook.

Tom Peters on culture
I am a big fan of Tom’s bold and unconventional take on almost all aspects of business. Below, he argues ‘brand is the talent’, that customers comes second, internal staff and company culture comes first (a similar theme echoed by CEO of Zappos in this VIDEO)

Tom Peters on Organizational Excellence from Tom Peters on Vimeo.

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