HR is a strategy

Booz Allen Hamilton brought together some of the sharpest minds and biggest names in HR and complied a book,  titled – Capturing the People Advantage, which explored the various challenges in human capital management and development.

Some money quotes:

“ The real story in HR is not of a monolithic shift, or even generational shifts, in employee expectations, but of variations in individual expectations”

Just as customer segmentation is the basis for modern marketing, employee segmentation is becoming the basis for the modern HR………. just as marketing responds to different customer segments with customised offers, so must HR create customised career alternative for a diverse workforce”

The best employer brands focus on just a few key attributes, often articulating a clear shared purpose that rises above the profit motive. Relatively few companies are taking full advantage of the concept of employer branding, but those that do will reap the benefits as they strive to attract and retain talented people”

The book is a worthy read. Electronic copy is available for free.

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