Talent Tidbits

Work trends in Australia
It is estimated that Australian workers have 121 million days of accrued leave valued at around $31 billion in wages. Australians don’t take leave; work longest hours among developed countries. A report by Tourism Australia found, ‘one third of Australian will not take one day off annual leave” this year. See Tourism Australia landmark study on annual leave. Annual leave stockpiling – The HR perspective.

Talent upgrade
A downturn is a good time to upgrade ‘talent’, says McKinsey. “Companies can maintain their attractiveness to internal and external talent by using cost-cutting efforts as an opportunity to redesign jobs so that they become more engaging for the people undertaking them”

Company culture and talent
Believing it is what separates the winners from the rest, Harvard lays down 10 rules to create better corporate culture.

Know you generation
Crucial for workforce planning, McCrindle provides a snapshot of demographic groups in Australia. See other McCrindle reports on various demographic trends in Australia.

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