Talent related tidbits

  • Australians confident about their job, worry about others.
    The latest research by Roy Morgan found, majority of Australians (70%) think unemployment rate will rise but their own job is safe. Four in Five Australians (80%) who are employed full-time are confident that they will keep their job.
  • Skills shortage
    Who still talks about the skills shortage in this climate? Mercer believes that ‘Now’ is the best time to plan for long-term skills shortage companies will face when the good times are back. “Stay away from blanket staff cuts”, is the advice.
  • Linkedin & employment law
    Dilachian (Law firm) tackles the problems Linkedin can create between employers and ex-employees.  However, most problems are created not by the social network but shoddy business processes and lack of documentation.

‘” More than technology or law, what complicates decision making in employment law in our repeated experience is shoddy management by businesses, especially ignorance about the employment process and employment contracts and related documentation.

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