Talent related tidbits

  • Mining sector wobbles
    The mighty Australian mining sector is showing signs of being rattled by the current downturn. While there are no mass layoff, employers are cautious and putting recruitment on hold. The key will be China’s GDP growth, which is predicted to continue at 7% (currently it stands at 9%). 

  • Sourcing overseas IT professionals
    A contentious issue for a long time. The government finally admits that market forces (mainly employers and industry bodies) should have a greater say in deciding how overseas IT professionals are granted visa to work in Australia. 

  • Gender inequality in Australian board rooms
    Yet another bad news on the gender equality front. Women representation in Australian board rooms continues to decline. Women held only 8.3% of board director positions in Australia, a decrease from 8.7% in 2006. Half of ASX 200 have no women board directors.

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