Where there is a community there is a job board – Part 3

Problogger is one of the most popular blogs in Australia. On any given day the site amassed well over 65,000 readers. With a loyal and active readers base(one post registered 600 plus comments from readers) it is understandable that Problogger runs a lively job board, charging $50 per job posting.  Recently another popular marketing blog gave birth to a new job board – Socialmediajobs.com.au.

The explosion of personal publishing tools essentially allows anyone to become their own media company and develop a community of followers.  Blogs in particular are effective in conducting conversations and build relationship with a focused pool of readers. Hence, blogs offers a lot of potential as a platform to advertise jobs and target candidates.

Already, services like Jobcoin and Jobamatic allows jobs to be syndicated to thousands of blogs. Meanwhile, Job board templates for popular blogging software WordPress are raising their heads. It is increasingly easy to run your own job board on your blog.  We expect to see a lot more innovation in this space in the near future.

Still, job listing on blogs are only a small fraction of those on mainstream job boards. But it is clear that a blog can be an effective channel to reach out to potential job seekers, especially the passive types. Blogs will increasingly be recipients of advertising dollars, and in the process will enlarge the pie spent on online classifieds advertising.

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