Paradigm shift in talent acquisition

The Google powered T-Mobile’s G1 smart phone was launched yesterday, heralding what some analysts called a paradigm shift in how we will access and consume information.

A report by Universal McCann found that consumption of content outside of websites has increased by 153% in the last nine months. 53% of online users are consuming content outside of a publisher’s site.

Compared to a year ago, the way I consumed content has changed significantly from visiting websites to getting it delivered through RSS feeds, Twitter, messengers, emails and my mobile phone. I now expect information to come to me wherever I am, whenever I need, delivered through the medium of my choice.

If you are a talent solutions provider whose business model depends solely on candidates visiting your website, it’s time to rethink strategy. Ditto for employers. Recruiting in the brave new world (populated by smart phones) will be more about reaching talent wherever they are, with whatever medium of their choosing.

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