Targeting casual talent with text messages

Ployme connects employers and casual workers using mainly SMS.

What’s often forgotten in the hullabaloo over social media is that SMS is an effective and widely used communication tool (refer graph). AIMIA’s recent ‘Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index’ report found 84% of Australians considered SMS an expenditure item. In other words – regular SMS usage is universal.

Select Online and Mobile Activities of US Online Buyers, by Age, July-August 2008 (% of respondents in each group)

A recent US study found 70% of mobile phone users respond to a text message for a product or a service. And yet another survey found 70% of college students (mostly Gen Y) use SMS to communicate. We think Ployme’s use of a proven communication tool to reach out to an age group that thrives on mobile communication is a smart move.

It may well be that push email will eventually push out SMS. But that is besides the point, currently SMS is the preferred medium for a large number of people who maybe looking for casual opportunities. Ployme seems to clearly know its audience and which communication tool works for them.  It’s worth having a look at Ployme’s service offerings.

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  1. Michael Marlatt
    Michael Marlatt says:

    GREAT Post!

    I am huge fan of SMS/TEXT-messaging as a communication channel for connecting with potential candidates, as well as means to continue on-going “quick-hit” communications with existing candidates. Unfortunately, statistics show that the U.S. is still lagging behind in overall SMS/texting vs. the rest of the world. So, no surprise, there’s a vast majority of recruiting professionals who are not leveraging this untapped potential.

    However, that said, I believe the rising popularity of micro-blogging services such as Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, etc., are exposing worldwide users (not just recruiters) to the effectiveness of sending short 140 character messages. Now, if you think mobile communications, sending short snippets of information or marketing messages via SMS/Texting can be just as easy and a great addition to an overall communication strategy. Online web-texting services such as,,, have made this notion of group texting extremely simple.

    Think of the possibilities…

    Michael Marlatt


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