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It is widely assumed that senior executives do not use job boards. The myth is dispelled by a recent Harvey Nash survey , which found  24% of CEOs successfully secured a new job through online job boards.  It looks like the trend is going to continue, with 51% of respondents to the survey, believing they will use online job boards in the near future (see chart). Like everyone else, senior executives are migrating online to find jobs.

imageJob boards targeting senior executives and high income earners has been around for many years. From large generalist job boards offering a standard executive section, to well-heeled niche operations who focuses exclusively on senior appointments.

In Australia, three players target the executive market exclusively.  SEEK’s offering is a brand extension, driving traffic through its main job board. The Big Chair use rich content, sourced from Fairfax wide network of sites, to attract executives. Industry upstart  Six Figures utilise advances in technology, with a sharp focus on connecting high income earners with employers.

As technology improves (privacy and data security are becoming less of an issue) and job boards gets more sophisticated in delivering relevant content, their usage will become increasingly popular with top executives. We are just seeing the tip of things to come.

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  1. James Moir
    James Moir says:

    As a recruiter, we use many niche job boards to target senior and / or specialised talent. For example, in accounting we use accountingjobs.com.au, countingjobs.com.au, efinancialcareers.com.au. Outside Australia there are also many targetted sites that are normally worth the investment for the extra response they draw.


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