Top industry voices (HR/recruitment blogs) in Australia

Laurel Papworth highlighted Australia’s most popular bloggers. The list is dominated by writers who focuses on marketing and technology themes. A quick scan of the blogosphere reveals a paucity of blogs in the HR/recruitment space. Hopefully things will improve in the future.

Here’s a list of Australian HR/recruitment blogs I read regularly, some I only stumbled into recently.

  1. Uber blogger, Michael Specht is probably the most prolific in the recruitment/HR space in Australia. His reach is international.
  2. Sheryle Moon, MD, RHD, started with Talking Technology. Currently, she is Talking Talent with a new gusto.
  3. Popular blog on online recruitment, written by Geoff Jennings.
  4. Liam Ovenden, CEO RPO Group, shares his insights on Talent Fanatic.
  5. Brett Iredale’s blog focuses on the job board space (No RSS feed facility)
  6. Kelly Magowan, from Sixfigures , is a new and regular commentator on talent issues.
  7. Clayton Wehner dishes out insights, with a regional perspective on Capital Jobs
  8. Latin Ocean, contributes recruitment nuggets with a  marketing slant.
  9. Allison Denny-Collins writes from Canberra, discussing public sector recruitment, under Shifted HR

Let me know the ones I missed.

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  1. Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just wanted to let you know about a site that may be of interest to you. It’s designed to allow users the opportunity to critique their experiences with the recruitment industry and scores all agencies accordingly (Australia Specific). It’s web address is www.

    Have a look and let us know what you think.


  2. Steve Gunna
    Steve Gunna says:

    Hi .. I was very interested in reading up on Sheryle Moon’s Talking Talent, but the URL seems broken? Is it the right place? I can’t find her on google either?

  3. Karalyn Brown
    Karalyn Brown says:

    Would it be too cheeky to add my own name to a list of blogging professionals? I came across this post after a Google search on recruitment bloggers. I must admit I enjoy blogging because it works on so many different levels and what I have done with my site has pulled together a whole bunch of work that I have previously been doing. So even though I am new, it’s a continuation of what I was trying to do with a static page previously.

    On a more serious note, it seems like a few of the bloggers above have stopped blogging. I know blogging is a lot of hard work, but I would be very interested in your thoughts on why this happens.


  4. Phillip Tusing
    Phillip Tusing says:

    Karalyn, thanks for dropping by. As you can tell, this post needs a major update.

    I am not sure why some people stopped blogging. From personal experience, I can tell it’s a lot of hard work. Perhaps, time and changing circumstances are big factors. I know people who struggled to stay fresh and then give up.

    The good news is new blogs keep sprouting up. The HR/recruitment sector is a lot richer then it was before.

    Anyway, in my book anyone who can blog consistently deserves a place in any list.


  5. Karalyn Brown
    Karalyn Brown says:

    One of the things I find most enjoyable about blogging is that there is a real sense of community. I’ve made contact with people all over the world. On that note. Thanks for the interesting posts Phillip. I am about to subscribe, now.

  6. David Sparrius
    David Sparrius says:

    Hi Phillip,

    I discovered your blog after discovering a backlink from a social media article you did by one of your readers to our site. After reading what you had to say I was hooked on your content ! The thing I very much enjoy about your blogs is just how rich they are in genuine and practical content! You don’t seem to blog just for the sake of having a need to say something!

    I also very much enjoy reading Michael Specht’s blog. I believe you and Michael are the greatest contributors in the Australian recruitment sector.

    Any way, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work !

  7. Razza
    Razza says:

    I am disgusted how people and myself are treated by recruiters.

    People treat animals with royalty in this country but when it come to peoples personal lives, they are treated as a lost cause. As humans, we are a fallen race and perfection is a desire not a rule.

    Most of the time I feel that I am being interrogated by recruiters for the FBI. Where the interview process begins by a formal appointment in a clinical environment, then taken into a room either a panel or one to two people in front of you across a boardroom table or desk.

    Then begins the examination process trying to break you down.

    Then begins the tactical questions who you are what you are, what are your weaknesses and why should “YOU” have this job, do you have any illnesses, how old are you, do you have a car and that is just the start.

    Not even your Resume is given much credit as its just “hear say”, so all the hard work and careful choice of words, expressions and choosing professional formats does not matter as most of the time you will be asked to briefly jot down details on there personal forms for there files.

    Then after all the questioning you are analysed, picked and poked by a series of tests and examination tests, like psychometric tests, personality tests, behavioural test, competency tests, maths tests English test computers test, test, test, tests and more tests. Probing your mind and conscious.

    When the job you applied for is not even considered para professional, it is just Clerical or Storepeson position.

    Then when the answer is not what they wanted to hear during the questioning process, the judgement begins the attitude changes and the spotlight is brighter than before. Deeper and direct are the questions.

    We all need to live even the laziest people need food, water and money to buy it.

    As humans we are not machines or computers but people with emotions, feelings and hurts that we carry everywhere we go even to interviews so let no one belittle you or cast you down because as the wind changes direction so can ones life change in an instance.

    Those who feel free to cast judgement on others beware lest you travel down the same road latter on in life.


    From someone that cares.

    Job Seekers Take Care of yourself you have value and potential.


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