Why regional talent service providers thrive

National unemployment rate currently stands at a low 4.3% (alarmists are quick to scream ‘trouble’ . Here’s a rebuff ).

National figures, which the media often picked on, don’t always tell the full story at the local level. Dig deeper, and it’s evident that unemployment rates vary widely across regional economies (see graph).  Four states recorded rates under 4.0%; only three states are above the national average. unemplpyment rate

Faced with an unemployment rate of 2.6%, the methods (and the drive) used by employers in Canberra to source talent will understandably be very different from those in Adelaide. For the most part, employers’ talent acquisition initiatives reflects  local economic realities.

Part of the reason we see a spike in the number of regional talent service providers is, many exists solely to address the talent requirements of the local populace.

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