IT Talent Shortage in Australia ( Female representation in the industry) Part 3

IIRC Salary 2.0 Slide 1You would think that an industry facing debilitating talent shortage would offer attractive perks to lure women to join its ranks? The truth is female IT staff continues to be paid much lesser than their male counterparts. And, most people wonder why only 15-20% of the Australian IT industry workforce are female.

Even Wimbledon has done it, it is time for the IT industry to follow suit.  Sure, money is not the only thing, but by remunerating female staff at par with their male counterparts, the industry sends the correct message (perhaps here is an opportunity for the IT industry to buck the national trend) , and it is one less problem for an industry that needs to focus its resources on other issues to fight the skills shortages. There seems to be no other choice. 


Additional resources on women in IT

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