Talent search is local

mynewworkcityThe recent increases in fuel price is likely to drive job seekers to look for opportunities which requires less travel time. Regardless of inflation, it is a fact that most people, given a choice, prefer working closer to home.

Job search is local.  Any search for talent , therefore, starts with a basic understanding of supply and demand realities at the local level.

mynewworkcity.com.au is an attempt at addressing talent attraction and acquisition by having a narrow view – focusing on local issues. Part job board, part portal, part employment branding, part marketing micro-site, the website delivers a convincing case for Parramatta as an employment destination (though I am not sure about the choice of a flash website).

Look deeper and you can see that the website is also a reaction by a local council to address local economic realities and the talent acquisition challenges that comes with it. Local economies across the country are different from each other, and from the national economy. For instance, the market dynamics that drives demand for labour in Canberra is very different from those in Parramatta. While the media salivate on national averages and short-term trends, in the boomtowns employers struggle to meet the demand for all types of labour.

Talent acquisition is predominantly shaped by local issues. Any serious attempt at solving talent acquisition have to first take stock of the demand and supply realities at the local level.  Be prepared to see more niche offerings aimed at addressing local labour shortage issues. It is likely that new job boards with narrow local focus will emerge in this space. Recruitment firms have long addressed this reality by setting up offices in local areas.

Parramatta Council have a winner here.  It is a sign of things to come in the talent acquisition space.

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